I am a film actor, originally from Athens, Greece. As a screenwriter who specializes in psychological thriller, noir, drama and dark comedy feature-films, my acting has also retaliated a voice in these genres.

My typecast as an actor is merely an establishment of the visions I’ve carried across the years as a writer. I’ve lived in several cities across the years – Athens (Greece), Cambridge and London (England), Paris (France), Vancouver, BC (Canada) and Los Angeles, CA (USA).

My cinematic mind thankfully manages to catch up with essentially becoming a doll on the run. I am a product of all the lives I shared across these cities and hope to establish myself as such in the world of cinema; an art form that mediates across all borders, languages and cultures. Only cinema and war, change all things.

My BA in Politics and LLM in Entertainment Law share a tremendous quality that one may assume has prepared me for my acting career – that is the art of lying. Although I think like a politician and lawyer, I promise not to act like one!

Contrary to popular thought, mastering one’s craft involves the need for truthful acting. It’s important to find the truth in a character in order to execute the dialogue in a manner that comes from an actor’s heart. Only truth can truly compliment an actor’s voice in order to bring a character to life.

My brand is built on my vision and my voice. Most actors share the same tragedy; the public illusion of being a starved artist, whose lives are only celebrated when made famous. I can reassure you that following the route of Entertainment Law has undermined such judgment.

As a contract negotiator for actors in Vancouver and California, I must admit that I don’t starve at all. As a legal consultant for the Entertainment industry, I am obliged to disassociate the title of an actor to that of a public personality. A-List celebrities are only referred to as such given that their lives are celebrated by the public. But an actor’s integrity in manifesting real characters under imaginary circumstances is a gift that must not be foregone.

I have an ethical duty to remind people that actors can earn a good living regardless of where they are in their career – all you have to do is access your star power.

I intend to work on both feature-films and television series in the near future as an actor.

Tina Kilberg